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Onderwerp: Hotelervaring: Casablanca on the Ocean, Key West

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    Florida Fanaat Dr. Phlox's Avatar
    Jul 2005

    Standaard Hotelervaring: Casablanca on the Ocean, Key West

    Zo de eerste offerte is binnen voor 2008. Echter op het
    forum ben ik niets tegen gekomen over het hotel. Daarom mijn vraag of al iemand ervaringen heeft gehad met Cassablanca on the ocean in Key West.
    Zie op onze site (www.don-damen.nl) zowel de reisverslagen als de foto's van onze vakanties in 2004, 2008 en 2011 in Florida, 2013 en 2015 in het westen van de USA, 2018 rondje Denver en in 2019 een week in New York.

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    Stamgast pieterpostma's Avatar
    Nov 2006
    Burgum, The netherlands

    Standaard Re: Hotelervaring gevraagd: The Inn at Key West ~ Key West

    recensies Casablanca on the ocean Key West:

    Stay Away from the Casablanca Hotel in Key West
    By A Yahoo! User from Washington, DC
    The hotel is a dump, for lack of a better word. It has been for sale for nearly seven years, according to the locals, and the owners have done nothing to maintain the place. The carpeting was stained, the ceiling fan did not work, light bulbs were burned out, the furniture was falling apart, the bed linens didn't match, the towels were stained, and the pool was dirty. Pictures had been removed from the walls and the nails remained in the walls. On the first morning there, I picked up a piece of glass in the room and when I told the owner, she didn't even apologize. Finally, the front desk clerk named Lucy was horribly rude. I will never go back to this place and encourage everyone I know to not patronize this establishment.

    NEVER, NEVER again at this hotel
    By A Yahoo! User from Rotonda West, FL
    Last Visit: May 2006
    We just left the Casablanca today and after spending a night there with 2 other couples, I could write a book! We stayed in room #2 which was about half the size of our friend's rooms, #5 and #1 but were charged the same rate. Our room was hot with no air conditioning when we arrived and it took a while to get someone to help. Both the room ceiling fan and bathroom exhaust fan were inoperable, we had burned out light bulbs, no chair in the room and the carpet was FILTHY! There were holes in the walls and marks and mars on the walls and dead bugs in corners. Our #2 room had no bath tub like the other rooms, no closet - just a wire rack hanging on the wall in the corner, none of the furniture matched and the bedspreads and blankets were filthy. The outdoor patio with carpet was filthy and the pool was a mess. After discussing this with the day manager, a woman with an Irish accent, we were offered a $35 refund which took our bill down to $100. However, the woman was VERY rude and defensive about each of the issues I mentioned especially when I said that the cleaning lady could do a better job. She obviously knows nothing about pleasing customers. The money wasn't the main problem for us but rather would have liked to hear her say "I'm sorry this happened." PLEASE don't stay there!

    Nou volgens mij spreken deze twee recensies voor zich!!

    oant sjen,
    Pieter Postma

    [-o< [-o<
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    Florida Groupie Tinkerbell's Avatar
    Mar 2007

    Standaard Re: Hotelervaring gevraagd: The Inn at Key West ~ Key West

    Kijk dan ook bij Tripadvisor en ook daar dezelfde berichten.
    Web log voor onze mei vakantie : http://slavessunandfun.punt.nl/#430722

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