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21-02-14, 10:58
Wet 'n Wild Orlando vervangt de Bubba Tub door de Aqua Drag Racer, een matten glijbaan met slingerende tunnels.


Naam: Aqua Drag Racer
Hoogte: 60 verdiepingen (65.9 feet hoog)
Snelheid: 15 feet per seconde
Soort: KrakenRACER Mat Slide
Bouwer: ProSlide Technology
Locatie: Ten zuiden van de wave pool, tegenover de front gate
Vervangt: Bubba Tub uit 1992
Opening: Zomer 2014


The race is on to make a splash on International Drive this summer.

On Tuesday, Orlando’s original water park on the north side of International Drive announced a new waterslide would race into Wet 'n Wild in time for summer. Meantime, in the final months of 2013, Aquatica on the southern end of International Drive began dropping hints of a new attraction in 2014.

Wet n’ Wild’s new "Aqua Drag Racer" will stand about 60 feet tall and give park guests the chance to race each other through interlocking tunnels and down steep hills, while riding face-first on their stomachs atop a foam mat. The experience can be compared to the Olympic sport of skeleton, minus the ice.

The new multi-colored ride will send four passengers through dark tunnels while traveling at 15 feet per second before re-emerging in the sunshine and crossing a finish line.

Ashley Reyes with Wet ‘n Wild told News 13 the Aqua Drag Racer will have a clock at the bottom of the slide’s run out, keeping track of riders race times.

“We are known for multi-person attractions,” Reyes said Wet 'n Wild’s collection of waterslides. “This is great because it gives you another ride to experience together as a family.”

In order to make room for Aqua Drag Racer, Wet 'n Wild will retire the Bubba Tub family raft ride. The attraction that first opened in 1992 places passengers in a circular inflatable raft and sends them down a series of hills. Reyes said the old slide is not being sold to another water park and pieces will be scrapped. However, Bubba Tub’s legacy near Wet 'n Wild’s wave pool will empower the new Aqua Drag Racer. Some of Bubba Tub’s plumbing and support infrastructure will be reused for Aqua Drag Racer. “Installation should be easy,” Reyes said of the construction not far from the park’s front gate. That was not the case in 2012, when Wet n' Wild overhauled their childrens area. Reyes called that construction project two years ago, "much more complicated." An access gate close to the construction site will provide work crews with entry into the area while Wet ‘n Wild is open to visitors this spring.

Canadian waterside manufacturer ProSlide will supply the ride. ProSlide dubs the model headed to Wet 'n Wild as a KrakenRACER. Reyes said Wet 'n Wild’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Michael Black worked closely with ProSlide to create a version of the mat racer slide that will be unique to the Orlando market.

“The new Aqua Drag Racer will pull guests into a high-speed thrill ride unlike any other around,” Black wrote in a prepared statement.

Both SeaWorld’s Aquatica and Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach feature mat slides, where riders also lay down on their stomachs on a foam mat in a race to the bottom. The concept is set to evolve with the introduction of the KrakenRACER at Wet 'n Wild by adding enclosed lanes that are “braided." The enclosed portion of the flume twists over the top of the flume next to it.

A rider height limit on Aqua Drag Racer has not been announced yet.

17-04-14, 08:13
GoPro Point of View at Wet 'N Wild Orlando Slide Der Stuka


Ta2 Gerrit
17-06-15, 17:12
Wet 'n Wild Orlando will be permanently closing on December 31, 2016, park officials announced Wednesday.
Wet 'n Wild Orlando has been in business for almost 40 years.

Hier (http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/wet-n-wild-orlando-closing-2016/nmfNY/) het hele artikel op WFTV

18-06-15, 18:13

Zonde, vind het 1 van de meest spectaculaire waterparken die ik ken.

18-06-15, 20:26
En van de parken waar ik nog nooit ben geweest. Maar wel een icoon voor Orlando. Ik mis toch een beetje het thematische wat de andere parken wel hebben.

18-06-15, 22:49
Mwah, dat mis ik juist niet. Bij mij draait een dagje waterpark om spektakel. Na een dag in W&W ben je helemaal bont en blauw, heerlijk! :cool:

18-06-15, 22:57
Is er voor de allerkleinste ook wat te doen?